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Currently we offer transportation for: Regular cars Mini buses Pickups/Small trucks Crashed cars Mopeds/Motorcycles Tractors up to 3 tons (6613 lb)
It generally takes between 2-5 business days for domestic transport, sometimes even the same day you place your order. For international shipments it may take up to 2 weeks. We keep close contact with our customers and would there be a few problems in the unlikely occur you will be contacted directly.
Of course you can trust us! We transport a large number of exclusive cars for individuals and for luxury retailers such as Exclusive Cars and others. Of course, we are insured, and has experienced and professional drivers with many years of experience in both regular and special transport.
We work on behalf of both individuals and companies. Transport to individuals is, however, made with payment in advance.
No, it is important that the vehicle is easily accessible for loading because our rigs are long. Towing is possible with extra charge.

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